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Meredith & Leigh @ Denton Hall, Ilkley

Fantastic Stop Motion Wedding Film made in the heart of Yorkshire. Flat caps, beat box dancing and beam me in Scotty! Read More

Lindsay & Denver @ The Monastery, Manchester

Amazing Stop Motion Wedding Film in Manchester. Gravity defying Groom, laser beams and party! party! party! Read More

The X Project

For months we have been working on a super secret project, codename THE X PROJECT. Test subjects required. Apply now! Read More
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What, Why, How?

Cornerstone Cinema are one of the UK's first pocketoption.in/review and only full time Stop Motion Wedding Film Producers.

Over 10 years of filming Weddings, I have developed a passion for exploring the quirky, fun side of Wedding Filming, a passion which gels perfectly with my imagination and sense of visual adventure.

I frame it like a Cinematographer pocket option download for pc , shoot it like a Photographer and edit it like a Filmmaker. It's the best of all three worlds !