24 November 2017

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Civil wedding ceremony

Remember the rhyme?
Something old – continuity
Something new – optimism for the future
Borrowed something – lent lucky
Something blue – loyalty
Silver six pence in her shoe – wealth or good luck
In the United States both religious and civil ceremonies are considered legal. A couple does not have to precede a religious rite with a civil ceremony. However, if a couple decides to have a civil marriage, they need a marriage certificate, which is issued by the local civil authorities. On the other hand, many countries around the world mandate a civil ceremony, and then let the couple decide if they want to follow it with a religious ceremony or not.

Today, more and more couples have decided to marry in this way. The ceremony may be authorized by a priest, district clerk, judge, justice of peace, mayor, pastor, notary, governor or a superior. Now, if the ceremony does not take place in the town hall, a couple can choose a private venue that owns the license. But before the big day, you must check with the local Marriage License Office or the city office office to determine the exact rules and rules for the ceremony.

Planning a ceremony
Since this is a non-traditional Catholic ceremony or any other religious wedding, there are a lot of choices as to how the ceremony will be held. Normally you will find that the ceremony has a certain order of occurrence:
Open words from officiant
Ceremony readings
promise to marry
Exchange of rings
Conclusions or thoughts
Words from Officiant

There is no time limit or length for the ceremony; Although the guests hope for a quick affair. You can have certain elements of a traditional ceremony if you want, or completely away with it. The essential part is that you must be comfortable and happy with the nature of your wedding.

Civil Wedding Ceremony examples

To get a better understanding of how the ceremony looks and what you can do here are some example civil wedding ceremony scripts that show what the roles of the bride, groom, and officiant are.

Sample No. 1
We are gathered here today because this couple has decided to be married in marriage. The essence of marriage is to commit itself to the other person as a friend, confidant, companion and lover. This decision should never be made easy, but should be looked at with the utmost care, respect and loyalty.

(Name of the bride) and (name of the groom) a step together and celebrate their love with the holiness of the marriage. And that is why we are here to share their love and give them our blessings and desires for a beautiful and happy marriage.

(The name of the bride) and the name of the bridegroom, you came here today with the intention of marrying each other and engaging in a holy relationship forever.

If you have written any personal wedding vows, you can do this here or else, repeat what the officiant will ask you to say.

Officer to the bridegroom: Please repeat to me …

I, the name of the bridegroom, take you (bride) to be my legitimately married wife. I promise from this day onwards to be your faithful husband, for better or worse, for wealthier or poorer, to love and to appreciate in health and health as long as I will live.

Example # 2
The ceremony of marriage in which you are united is one of the first and oldest ceremonies in the world. Marriage is the bracing of hands, the merging of two hearts and the union of two lives in one. Your marriage must stand, not by the authority of the state, nor by the seal on your wedding certificate, but by the strength and power of faith and the love that you have for each other.

I solemnly note that I know of no legitimate obstacle, why I can not be married to the bride’s name in marriage.

Officer of the Bride: Please repeat to me …

I, the bride’s name, take you (groom) to be my lawfully married husband. I promise from this day to be your faithful wife to be better or worse for richer or poorer, in illness and health. To love and cherish as long as I will live.

A Bible that reads from the Corinthians (if desired).

Prayer if desired. Some couples will ask a family member to say a prayer instead of the officer.


Whom *** has come together, let no one disassemble.
(The name of the bride) and the name of the bridegroom, as much as the two of you agreed to live together in the Holy Marriage, have promised you the love of each other through these vows, adding your hands and giving these rings I now tell you to be a husband and wife. It is my privilege to introduce you Mr. & Mrs. (surname).

(Reception and other announcements will be made if desired.)

Example # 3
When the bride appears, ready to go down the corridor …
Officially for all: please stand up

Presentation of the bride
Officer: Who gives this woman to this man? … OR … Who supports this woman in her commitment to this man?
The father: your mother and I … OR … Our family does.
Officially for the guests: who is with this couple to express the good wishes of their families and friends? And everyone says: We do! Together …
Guests: We do!
Officiant for all: you can sit.

Officiant: Accompany me as we bend our heads to observe a moment of silence to honor the memory of those who are not with us today, but are here in spirit. (Briefly stop) Amen.

I solemnly establish that I know of no legitimate obstacle, why I can not be married to the bridegroom’s name in marriage.

Next is the ring ceremony when the bride and groom wishes to explain it as a symbol of their marriage and love for each other. The officer will ask the bride and groom to repeat these words as the rings are exchanged …

With this ring I will love you, I will love you, honor you and cherish you, as long as we both will live, that is a symbol of my immortal love for you.

I, (officiant’s name), by the power that is exposed to me by the marriage law, speaks (name of the bridegroom) and (bridal name) to be married.

You can now kiss your bride.
As we have mentioned, you can definitely write your wedding in your own way. There are no rules that keep you from having a wedding of your dreams just because you have chosen a ceremony. We would like to congratulate you and your fiancée on your upcoming wedding.


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