17 October 2017

prepare your memorable wedding

Love is all around

Wedding trends will be a hot topic forever. Bride, wedding professionals and foreign sellers have a real need to be aware of the latest in all things bride. Luckily for you, 2016 will not disappoint you.

Is not it frightening to think that at a time in time weddings were (dare we say?) Basic? While you are not away from the splendor of the weddings, you can not deny that there was a consistent approach. The modern couple is so happy. There are countless ways to mix and match. Once pulled, you are left with a truly unique experience. Desserts have gone from the cherry tree to the customer-specific cakes. Signature cocktails have replaced white Russians. Everyone loves a good setback, but thank *** for making decisions!


When designing a wedding, the venue is clearly one of the most important factors. A selected venue means a planned date, time, actual location and backdrop. When choosing a venue, many couples are looking for the ideal place. However, you can basically work with any place and transform it. It just depends on your imagination … and budget. Lack a little in one, either or both? You’re lucky! There are so many wonderful locations to choose from! Bonus! Venues also offer one of the easiest places for couples to compromise. Torn between an indoor or outdoor reception? Many sites offer both.

When choosing a venue, you can:

– Two-in-one sites. You can get the most bang for your money with a venue that will meet the facilities to both your ceremony and reception. If two venues are a must, you can consider in transport for your guests.

– Simple does not necessarily mean simple. When done properly, industrial and rustic targets look deceptively simple. Remember that these types of places are usually blank canvases. As a rule, you should expect to rent everything necessary to facilitate a reception (eg tables, chairs, bed linen, food). Event designers are ideal in this kind of situation.


Social interaction has changed the way you communicate with the world; You should not be surprised that it has an influence on weddings. Meanwhile, hash tags have become commonplace. For the tech-friendly couple or those who choose to be unplugged, there are many options to consider:

– Drones. Yes, you read it correctly. With today’s wide range of unique venues it is only useful to preserve the memory. For years, photographers and videographers have played their part. However, drones provide views that can not really be matched.

– goPro As the bride makes her way down the aisle, guests and photographers are in it at zero. Would not it be wonderful to have a unique perspective of the entire bridal party (and guests)? GoPro cameras allow that. The cameras can be placed strategically throughout the venue. You will love the open shots that can be enjoyed for years to come.

– 3D printer. These high-tech printer machines create pine-traps detailed cakes that are designed to impress. You really want your guests really wow. Rent a 3D print seller for your actual reception. Guests will be delighted to visit their custom treats. (It can even compete actually enjoy the unique delicacies!) For the super modern bride, you can actually dress your wedding dress ‘printed’. Yes, your dream dress can be printed in full to match your measurements. Not ready to take the leap? That’s OK. When it comes to technology, it is sometimes about baby steps. Embrace the 3D trend through sewing specially made appliques to design your original dress.


The modern couple seems to move to a more uniform color palette, but is still reluctant to go monochrome. What is the best way to choose your shades? Choose your main color and then free matching shading.

Easy ways to add a small color to your big day:

– Bridal Party Clothing As you, your bridal party also appreciates the idea with options. It is not unusual to see free bridesmaid dresses; They can be either shades of a hue or free colors. And for the gentlemen … they have fun by making bold movements with their socks, ties and sneakers (preferably, Converse).

– Bed linen rental. Your wedding design may require linen selection that is not available in your venue. Restaurants and dining halls do not have the space to store a large inventory. A local linen rental can easily hire party linen. Special bedding is an easy way to make a great impact. There are many ways to throw linens in your tables. You can keep it simple with colored tablecloths and napkins. Or you can add a touch of drama with overlays, chair covers and sashes. (If possible, test a few looks so there are no surprises.)

Healthy but hearty.

Savvy brides, like you, choose healthier menu options. While there are often the typical appetizers, the caterers will integrate more natural items. Colorful plates are also all anger. Vegetables are a clear winner here. They are naturally visually pleasing, often bold in taste, easy to work in a meal and good for you.

Additional food trends are:

• Do not underestimate the starters. Canap’s are always a welcome delight.

• Make changes. Change comfort foods to support your specific subject (and perhaps a little healthier)

• Only one Sip. Many couples ask for an open bar. After all, the guests love them. With today’s stronger drinks you can offer transport and sleeping accommodations. For the non-drinker, think ‘smart’ drinks like coconut and vitamin water. They will revive the guests and excite them during the whole celebration.

A sweet farewell

Send your guests with a special reminder of their own. Even better, Send them with a sinful, sweet treat. You can just keep it with some milk and biscuits. Or turn it on a notch with one of the 3-D ‘prints’ mentioned above. Whatever you choose … just make sure to send her home with a smile.

Designing a wedding can be quite overwhelming. Between all the wedding planning, the articles, social media … … is it going on? While it is great to have options, it can sometimes be a bit too much. We hope that you have a quick look at some current and upcoming bridal trends. Happy planning!


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