17 October 2017

prepare your memorable wedding

Marriage is like a castle

Someone thinks that the marriage is like a castle, the outsiders want to come in, while the interior people want to get out. We do not know why there is such an argument, always think of the love of marriage, like a ripened fruit, is the most normal thing, it can be the most common, but it is the most difficult to grasp. Some people say: marriage is the tomb of love, we do not know why a romantic story with a bad end.

There is no shortage of friends to tell the divorce that we have often heard the tragic story of their marriage, can not help but have some sympathy and frustration, I do not know why two good people, farther and farther away from each other Live, live together Without love, marries no more happiness and sweet taste? Details defeated love, which is a naked wedding in the classic lines, is the reason a classic, o because of this sentence, to say the majority of the voices of the people. Most marriages do not already exist in love just because there are children who have responsibility, I do not know that this life is a life or a torture.

When we are in love, love is presented to the best of the best, but when she is married, I feel no need to conceal so that all flaws are exposed both before and after marriage as a changed man such as to Live together with happiness, we must understand each other, mutual tolerance, learn to overcome their own shortcomings, saying it is simple, but it is difficult to do because life in such small matter, more contradictory, more dispute when family and Marital strife has been fettered, love will collapse, the family can also collapse, how many families are scattered, not because of the life of Trivia, but the

Accumulation of too many contradictions, break out at any time and become irreparable. Perhaps a long time, no quarrel, is not noisy, but do not bother to argue, then learned from the Cold War, do not want to communicate, do not want to do unnecessary explanation, more and more confused, depressed increasingly More, more And more indifferent lover, has become really slow the familiar stranger.

For love, we are always full of imagination and often think of the other side too perfect, so as soon as the other is not as we want it to be, we will ask him to have subconscious thoughts as we do, but that People have their own personality and their idea, it’s hard to change, so the contradiction arises, many people love and marriage are not satisfying because the other side did not live up to their claims. Marriage has Sevenyear Itch, according to the survey Presented to the five-year itch, this period is the most couples living contradictions arise when a marriage is always a period of time to adapt to the enema. Some couples live on his hands, and some people can look for passion, not necessarily for what is romantic, but to bring back the love of love itself, when she seeks the sweet love, looking for strange fresh, so now Popular online dating, as many people are in this way, both online and not destroy each other’s family, but also to get their needs. Flat soul, is to become emotional during the game, with tenderness, and is to take the marriage easily. In fact, sooner or later we will understand, if one can not learn how to lead their marriage, they never have a happy life.

Happy families are the same, unhappy family is unhappy in their own, and everyone has this closet when love went into marriage, perhaps love has become the desalination family, no longer the passion and romance, only to each other and support each other up. Love is two people, but marriage is a question of two families, many of them live in conflict because both families produce something and produce something, but why such difficulties are inevitable, so just learn how in marriage tolerance, perhaps It better off.

We will find that we will treat strangers will be very polite, friendly and will treat a friend, even if there is what makes us unhappy, sometimes laugh, but for the family, not the same, no matter big and small will scream , Do not Hide grudges in your mind, do not worry about the feelings of his family, it is because the family is the people closest to us, we become infinitely tolerant of people because they know that they will not leave so The relationship between the family is a difficult to understand the problem, you should have a proper understanding of the attitude, attention along the way, everything can not be too much excitement, some tolerant, some will be better mistaken. Life is a learning to keep continuous learning will have satisfactory results.

Ten years of cultivation the same boat, a hundred years of cultivation bed can sleep, we must learn together in the marriage to appreciate this person, as long recognized that life is not satisfactory, and love is not perfect, we would not demand Their own, demand others. Nobody is perfect, we have to love each other’s mutual benefits, but also love one another’s inadequacies, only mutual adaptation, mutual tolerance, mutual respect, come home to become truly an oasis of calm to the so-called siege of happy life. If you live the expectations of the marriage smaller, some are satisfied, maybe we will be happy.

When we are in a marriage, we feel tired, we should look back and think why has that done and he (she) joined together this siege, if love Why willingly inclusive, but now does not want to forgive? Is the face of Trivia and unpleasant dispute life, can we let go once praised to love and give up the promise? If two people really want to see the sunset of life on the same evening, then you have to remember that love bears responsibility, love is tolerance.


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