17 October 2017

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Pros and cons of being a wedding photographer – finally unveiled!

When we visit weddings, we get a little unsightly sometimes when the wedding photographer is in front of us to get this perfect shot of the couple at the expense of our view. What no one notices is that he only does his job (although a good Cameraman will try not to block someone’s view if he really can not help). He was hired by the couples to do the most important task: the memory of the memory. What the gathering expects for an easy job is, in fact, deceptively simple. What is there to do except Prance looking stupid to hold a huge camera with a larger lens and make a few poses to get the perfect shot? we think.

Apparently, the work in this profession is a lot before and after planning that no one knows anything, because the camera guy is doing a good job of hiding everything from clueless, drunken partygoers at weddings. In addition to what they have had to do, there are sometimes experienced and good crises that no one anticipates and solve problems that no one has recognized. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons that a wedding photographer brings with it.

Pros of being a wedding photographer

Witness a holy rite

A wedding photographer is an essential part of the procedure and helps create memories for one of the most important events in one’s life. They are witnessing a series of raw emotions on an almost daily basis. An old-fashioned rite in every custom, the photographer seeks himself and respects the bonds that develop in these trade unions. They come to participate in the happiness of almost complete strangers. Which profession can be more emotionally satisfying and healthy?

Once-in-a-Lifetime experiences every day

An event that is said to happen once in everyone’s life, a wedding occurs almost weekly or monthly for a wedding photographer. If it is a goal time, the experience is even better. It is a happy opportunity that most wedding photographers will appreciate and enjoy to document. They believe that they help someone to document happy memories and be a part of such an opportunity is a humiliating, enjoyable and unique experience.

All-weather experience

The ability to adapt and be a versatile photographer is important to survive in this profession. Themes are changing from food to architecture, people and pets. The different shots that every customer expects, such as romantic, night shots, portraits, adaptation to different personalities, weather, different venues, honest or intense, all require the same photographer to have a knowledge of different fields. This gives a lot of experience in a short time.

Help someone who creates their story

Although it can be exhausting, the wedding photographer retains the power to document every moment of a wedding, so he creates a story with the emotions of people, their joy and their initial nervousness, joy, sadness, and relief. He runs with his camera through the whole head of emotions and creates a book of successive events that help the couple to bring back all memories as a visual diary, a storybook that they can later tell friends and family.

Coordination and teamwork with other wedding vendors

The photographer is one of the most responsible people in the wedding set, because he conquers memories and he does better. Other providers who are present must also work, but it is the photographer who determines what people are doing. He co-ordinates with the event authorities to know what he can do and can not do where he is allowed to make shots, must supervise whether the decorations in the background overwhelm the pair shots and insist on a few poses to do his job well do.

It helps to build a network of other people in the wedding industry when the photographer is able to coordinate well with them, which often leads to better productivity and possible future cooperation. It also earns them brownie points from the client for things easier for them.

Freelance and creativity

He becomes his own master, chooses his client as he likes, and also exercises his creativity. Of course that does not mean that he does not fulfill the expectations of the bride and what he wants. He does what shots the bridal party would like, but can also suggest something when things do not look good. Even if there is no boss to report, the work must be of the highest quality, as well as creative and unlike others out there. He can call all people.

Great career for a person person

As a wedding photographer, one of the needs of the work is very communicative, cooperative, approaching but persevering, and have the ability to appeal to a large number of people through your work and attitude, all the time, professionalism. It is a crucial prerequisite, because the photographer must not only work closely with the bridal parties, but also venue, wedding planner, decorator and literally every aspect of the weddings.

Avoiding disputes and smooth mediation means that this is a person who is able to cope with the pressure and still have a good time of it. Nobody likes a surly wedding photographer. So it is a great way to meet new people and build a network of connections for future references through a friendly and responsive personality.

Experience makes a difference to the result

If the wedding photographer knows what he is doing and has a good feeling of work, his contribution is regarded as valuable. This depends on its portfolio, its level of participation in procedures and advice. The better he makes the experience for the bride, the easier it will be for him to get valuable poses and shots. His experience also counts because he advises in difficult situations. The end product is a direct reflection of its commitment, leadership and experience.

Wedding food!

As a light-weight extra, wedding food is one of the best professionals of being a wedding photographer. You are treated as a guest when it comes to food, but of course with limited time. And yes, not everyone feeds the photographers, but when they do, it’s a bonus, right?

Thinking to be a wedding photographer


The wedding photographer must be prepared for all types of unforeseen weather and situations. The check of the weather becomes a habit. Adaptation to changes will be natural and a part of the job. He sees it as nothing extraordinary, but also secretly worried about his equipment, which is damaged in severe weather.


Since the wedding photographer works mainly on his own, he has to learn how to maintain the practical aspects of his business, such as the financing of orders, the management of orders, the collection of fees, the tracking after the event, the processing of printed matter, the search According to new work, advertising and fundamentally everything a revised one-man organization can do. Finding an accurate balance becomes difficult if not managed well, and creates residues that are always a bad sign for customers.


Despite meeting so many people on a daily basis, freelance wedding photography is a solitary work that does not give a lot of time for casual interaction. Long hours of professional interaction does not do much to contribute as a network strategy, unless it is in a team of people who help the photographer regularly for larger assignments, or the photographer meets regularly with the same catering teams at all weddings. Going out for drinks with colleagues after work is not an option.

Long hours and body stretching

Weddings last anywhere between 8 and 15 hours, some even longer. If the wedding photographer is a freelancer, he has to be prepared for unforeseeable hours with little or no breaks, for fear of missing. Lugging around equipment and heavy equipment all day with hardly any help is another professional threat, which puts immense strain on the body so that photographers feel sore and tired the next couple of days.


Many breakdowns happen when you click on the button at the workplace: dresses, equipment interruptions or disturbances, memory cards remain out of the room, the days are exhausting and accidents happen. As a result, the photographers leave the house with backups of backups. Clothes, drugs, memory cards, backup cameras, lenses, weather protection equipment. They are fully prepared for all emergencies because the work they do is a very responsible job for a moment that will never return.

Expensive equipment

High-end professional cameras are very expensive, but to make a good job at a wedding, a camera man needs good utensils, which is always expensive. He needs powerful lenses and needs a camera with the best features for versatility. Even then, this equipment tends to break into chaotic situations such as weddings, and buying one again is a cash outflow and time consuming. Buying a large number of memory cards is not very cheap, so weddings are expensive to document documents.

Investment and Experience Getting Started

The first few months are the most emotionally and financially drip into the profession of wedding photography. Getting started means making a lot of personal investment in expensive devices, gaining experience, and developing a credible portfolio that decides future orders. Wedding photographers need a lot of confidence and have to learn professionalism the first time.

Misinformation about the nature of the shots sought

Many times, the communication between the couple and the photographer breaks due to insufficient discussion or time. This leads to a disappointing experience, the result of which is not enjoyed when the bride looks at her wedding photos later. It is easy for misunderstandings if the photographer does not explicitly clear the air about the type of work that he specializes in, and the customer simply assumes that the photographer will do a good job without specifying what kind of Work is desired.

Stigma associated with wedding photography

Not many people know that, but in the world of photography, a wedding photographer is not a serious job for a serious photographer. It is considered a semi-skilled job for photographers who are not the best. The stigma only slowly disappears when someone realizes the amount of adaptability, strength, abilities, and versatility needed for such a job.

Be for the help

Or how to treat! It is a frequent occurrence at weddings and receptions for the photographer to be separated from the rest of the procedure because of the nature of the job but they get their fair share of people who are bridging them or ordering them out of the way when they are Just do their work. Several clients sometimes forget that they are using services and not the person themselves.

No fixed monthly income and job instability

Weddings are seasonal. This means that off-season, the wedding photographer is from a job. Earning enough in the wedding season is difficult with the limited number of places where you can be, which means that the photographer must plan his finances well ahead of time and usually takes another job when the wedding season is off. There is the incalculability that is associated with freelance, which means that an unstable job with an irregular monthly income that varies with work requirements.

preparation time

These include scouting places for layout, wedding samples, clearing memory cards, recharging batteries, coordinating with a second photographer, advertising future contracts, number of people in the wedding and managing other customers during the development of previous customer work. Before and after the event there are several preparations. A shabby job happens without any preparation time, which means that the client can be clicked or missed for photos unprofessional.

This is why a wedding photographer is more busy than most people think. It is one of the most important elements present throughout the wedding, and sometimes you get the recordings. Although there are some things that can go wrong with a wedding from the side of the photographer or the side of the customer, but the challenges and perks of being a wedding photographer are always worth it. A good photographer will always be remembered by the client because it makes their work easier and offers only good memories to be directed downwards for years.


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